Rental Utilization and Rental Metrics

The settings in M3 BE determine the statistics captured. We recommend reviewing the M3 Business Engine User Documentation.

The commission date is a setting in M3 BE Equipment/Serialized Item. Open (MMS240) that is required for capturing utilization statistics. Ensure that the commission date is set to a date prior to any rental activities.

The table shows the variables available in the Rental Metrics model. Modify these variables to set the number of periods per category and period selection:
Variable name Default value
M3A_RentalMetrics_IsRelativeToDate 1
M3A_RentalMetrics_Category_1_Periods 1
M3A_RentalMetrics_Category_2_Periods 3
M3A_RentalMetrics_Category_3_Periods 6
M3A_RentalMetrics_Category_4_Periods 12

See Workflow M3A model configuration.