Shared connections

Shared connections are connections to the Data Lake that you can reuse across spaces within an account. Users within your account can see all shared connections in all of their spaces and use them to import objects into their space without having to share the connection's credential information with a large subset of users. This is defined in Admin > Shared Connections. See the information about shared connections in the Birst Online Help.

M3 Analytics is provisioned with two shared connections that are configured to connect to the M3 Data Lake:
  • Infor Data Lake
  • M3A Infor Data Lake

The Infor Data Lake connection is intended for custom spaces and queries and provision with Birst.

The M3A Infor Data Lake connection is designated for M3 Analytics and provisioned with the M3 Analytics solution. This also comes with predefined queries for each M3 source required by the solution. The queries retrieve all columns of an M3 table, filtered by the lastModified date field that is the date and time in UTC when the JSON file was saved in the Data Lake. The range of dates to retrieve is determined by the incremental loading strategy, which is described in Data Lake incremental load.

Extraction groups are also defined in the M3A Infor Data Lake connection. Using these extraction groups, you can group tables or queries, so specific objects are extracted separately from others.

M3 Analytics has these extraction groups:
  • M3A Fact Sources - contain all transaction tables that are used by all measure tables
  • M3A Dim and Lookup Sources - contain the main tables which populate dimensions and other supporting tables, such as currency conversion rate tables
  • M3A Domain and Sub-domain - contain sources that are only required to execute an isolated extraction and publish data for a domain or sub-domain. See the information about extracting and publishing data on KB 2153208.
Note: You must extract the dimension extraction group first before the dimensions to lessen the possibility of late-arriving dimensions.