Incremental Load Logs reports

The attributes and measures used in Incremental Load Logs reports are sourced from the Admin CSA. The measures are analyzed by Job Stream Start Date and use the Sum aggregation.

Job Status

Description: This report shows how many failed and successful job runs were performed in a domain and sub-domain combination.

Measure: Job Stream Successful, Job Stream Failed

Chart type: 2 data series stacked bar chart

Partition: The Last Job Status attribute is used as color to partition the chart.

Incremental Load

Description: This report shows the details of the incremental load logs and its status over time. The value displayed in the Last Job Status column is green when the job status is successful, red when the job failed, and yellow if the job is still in progress. In the Extraction Start Date column, the value is blue if it is a custom or override value.

Measure: Job Run Elapsed Time

Chart type: Table