Sales Analysis

POS Transactions

To update the sales statistics in M3, ensure that the sales statistics interface parameter is selected in both (OPS500) and (OPS280).

Competitor Erosion

Follow these guidelines to set up Competitor Erosion:

  • Set the general units of measure for both Weight and Volume in 'Settings - User-def Item Fields' (CRS703).
  • Define four warehouse extension fields in 'Customer-Defined Fields. Open' (CMS080) that will store the thresholds for each warehouse.

    Parameters to set:

    Table = MITWHL

    Field Field type Usage
    F1N096 Decimal Warehouse weight threshold value
    F1A030 String Weight threshold unit of measure
    F1N196 Decimal Warehouse volume threshold value
    F1A130 String Volume threshold unit of measure

    For each warehouse in Warehouse.Open (MMS005), use the extension fields to set the weight and volume thresholds together with their respective unit of measure.

  • Define unit of measure conversion rates in Unit of Measure. Open Conversion Table (CRS051) to convert threshold unit of measure used by warehouses (F1A030 and F1A130) to the company's general unit of measure defined in CRS703.