The source space contains all M3 BE sources that are required in M3 Analytics. Queries are defined for each table in the Modeler under the M3A Infor Data Lake Shared Connection. See Shared connections.

These objects are found in the source space:

  • Raw data sources

    Prefixed with M3A_, these contain the extracted data from the Data Lake. By default, all columns are retrieved from the source. Data types are manually changed to match those specified in Metadata Publisher. NULL replacement options are also set for each column.

  • Scripted sources
    Scripted sources are created from the raw sources. As a standard, these are named after the M3 tables. These serve as the primary sources of the dimensions and facts and are shared to these spaces using packages. Minimal transformation is performed in these scripted sources, for example:
    • Retrieving the record with the highest variation number based on the table's keys
    • Converting M3 date and date time from integers to date and date time
    • If the source is targeted to a hierarchy (referred to as Lookup Tables), then the scripted source ensures that the hierarchy contains the latest version of the record
  • Lookup tables

    Lookup tables are sources that are targeted to a hierarchy. These are created for frequently updated sources, for example, CSYTAB descriptions of different codes and tables containing conversion and exchange rates.

All variables used in the solution are also defined in the source space for ease of maintenance. These are all prefixed with M3A and are shared across the spaces through packages. For a list of variables and the corresponding space that use them, see LifeCycle Management.