Incremental Load Logs dashboard

The Incremental Load Logs dashboard provides information about data extraction and publishing. The KPIs in this dashboard show the status of the recently published domain or sub-domain. The Incremental Load report provides a summary of the publishing history which is helpful for tracking the status of data extraction and publishing runs. The chart in the Job Status report provides information about the number of failed and successful runs.

This dashboard can answer these questions:
  • What is the status of the last data extraction and publishing run?
  • What is the last extracted and published domain or sub-domain?
  • What domain or sub-domain publishing frequently fails?
  • How long did it take to publish a domain or sub-domain?

Reports and KPIs

The dashboard contains these reports:
  • Job Status
  • Incremental Load
The dashboard also contains these KPIs:
  • Last Published Domain
  • Last Published Sub-Domain
  • Last Job Status
  • Last Publishing Elapsed Time (Min)

The KPIs show the value of the latest successful or failed job run.


These standard filters are available:
  • Domain
  • Time
  • Show N Records

Time is a required filter.

You can use the Show N Records to filter the top N records for the failed domain and sub-domain data publishing.