Data reload

You must reload the data within Birst in these scenarios:

  • Reload or rerun of the initial load within Birst

    If there has been no new initial load of data into Data Lake but you must reload the data warehouse in Birst with the existing Data Lake data, then complete these steps:

    1. Delete all the data in all of the data and model spaces.

      If a complete reload is not required, then use the alternative approach where you can reload parts of the solution. See KB 2153208 for more information.

    2. Optionally, adjust the variables for initial load and the company information. See LifeCycle Management.
  • Reload of data into Data Lake

    This requires no changes in Birst by default, as the new records created by rerunning the initial load in M3 will cause new variation numbers on all records.

    These new or higher variation numbers will lead to an overwrite of the existing data in the Birst data warehouse when the orchestration runs the next time.

    Note: Depending on the data volume, the same issues as with the initial load apply and you may have to run an initial load in Birst using the M3A_ExtractWindowMin variable.