All reports and dashboards are in the Consumer space. The models are imported from the dimension and fact spaces through the use of packages.

In addition to the model packages inherited from the model and dimension spaces, there are variables and lookup tables inherited from the source space. The variables are used for configuration in reports and these lookup tables are in preparation for possible extension of the solution:

    This table is used for currency exchange rates.


    These tables are used to capture the unit of measures for the different items.


    This is the general lookup table for M3.

These objects are created in the Consumer space:
  • Dashboards

    The dashboards delivered in M3 Analytics are designed to cover a business process within a single domain in a company, and cover a specific topic within a domain in the company. These are designed as working examples and built up by several dashlets. A KPI object, a KPI chart, and any other type of reports are examples of dashlets.

  • Reports

    M3 Analytics provides reports designed as working examples that display a trend for a single KPI and reports that allow the user to analyze one or several metrics in a chart or table.

  • Custom Subject Area (CSA)

    The M3 Analytics solution has one custom subject area defined for each business area to show only what is needed for reporting. Security can also be defined for each custom subject area in Birst.