There are multiple fact spaces in the M3 Analytics solution, each representing a business area in M3. This is where domain-specific dimensions and facts are loaded. Packages from these spaces are imported into the fact space:
  • Source - contains the corresponding source tables and variables
  • Dimension - contains the common dimensions needed by the models

The available fact spaces depend on the industry. See Infor M3 Analytics for <Industry> Product Guide.

These objects are found in the fact space:
  • Grains

    These represent the fact tables in Birst. A grain can have multiple scripted sources targeted to it, depending on the granularity.

  • Hierarchies

    Dimensions being used by only one domain are also loaded in the fact spaces. For example, Customer Order Status is only being used in Sales. As such, the hierarchy is created within the Sales space only.

  • Scripted Sources

    The scripted sources populate the hierarchies and grains. A scripted source can also populate both a dimension and fact table.

A package containing the hierarchies and grains available in the fact space is created.