Finance Key Ratio

For M3 Cloud Edition with Industry Process Catalog, the reports created with (RGS600) must follow the FKR template that is available in the blank division. The required reports should follow the provisioned template.

Review KB 2015455 and ensure that setup of reports follow the most recent template to leverage on these dashboards:
  • CFO Dashboard
  • Balance Sheet
  • Income Statement
  • Key Ratio - Operational
  • Key Ratio - Strategic
  • CEO Dashboard
  • C-Suite: CFO Dashboard
  • C-Suite: Balance Sheet
  • C-Suite: Income Statement
  • C-Suite: Key Ratio - Operational
  • C-Suite: Key Ratio - Strategic
These variables are available for the configured reports in (RGS600). See Workflow M3A model configuration.
  • M3A_FKRReport1
  • M3A_FKRReport2
  • M3A_FKRReport3
Specific column and line numbers are referenced in M3 Analytics. Any customer change can affect the BI system. You can add new lines but do not change or delete the lines in the templates because this can lead to data loss in the BI system.