Access to modules and features

This appendix lists all modules and features each user group can access.

Access to a space is governed by membership in user groups. Each user group has a set of permissions for access to Birst modules and features.

You can apply security to CSAs, Catalog Folders, and Collections.

In the Consumer space of M3 Analytics, these user groups are delivered with these initial permissions:

Group access control list permission M3A Administration M3A Default Subject Area




Designer Access x x
Visualizer Access x x
Smart Analytics x x
Edit Dashboard x x
Enable Download x x
Enable Email Export x x
Enable Self Schedule x x
Modify Saved Expression x
Edit Report Catalog x
Dashboard Visualizer Exploration x x
Enable Bookmarks x x
Disable "Copy Dashboards & Reports"
Disable Filter Edit Access x
Monitoring x
Add Tags x
Create Tags x
Modify Data Buckets x
Enable Storytelling x x

M3A Domain group refers to M3A Equipment, M3A Finance, M3A Procurement, M3A Production, M3A Rental, M3A Sales, M3A Warehouse, and M3A Opportunity Management groups.