Infor-provided items

This table shows the Infor-provided items that you must not modify:
Item type Item
Catalog folder shared/Infor

This folder consists of several domain-specific report folders and a dashboard folder. Each domain-specific folder consists of one or more folders that correspond to models in M3 Analytics.

Dashboard collection

Dashboards are organized into domain-specific collections, namely, Admin, Home, Sales, Procurement, Finance, Production, Rental, Equipment, and Warehouse.

Dashboard filter M3 Analytics is delivered with a selection of dashboard filters that you can reuse but not modified. You can also group filters together, for example, the Sales Organization filter is grouped with Business Area > Sales Department > Salesperson.

When reusing filters, examine each because there may be more than one filter with the same name but with different options, such as required or not, different filter types, and different default values.

Saved expression Expressions are saved in the default subject area and placed in a specific customer subject area for ease of use. Each saved expression is listed with a description in context of a model in the Infor M3 Analytics for <Industry> Product Guide.
Variable For ease of maintenance, all variables used in the solution are in the Source space. These are shared across the other spaces using packages. Each space has its own variable that contains its corresponding content version. These should not be modified.

See LifeCycle Management.

Custom Subject Area M3 Analytics content is arranged into several Custom Subject Areas (CSA) that limit the attributes and measures that are needed for reports. These are prefixed with M3A.

See Custom Subject Area.

Drill Map M3 Analytics has predefined drill maps for several dimensions. Each drill map is listed in Infor M3 Analytics for <Industry> Product Guide.