Store Performance dashboard

The Store Performance dashboard analyzes the product sales amount and margin performance based on sales by store.

This dashboard can answer these business questions:
  • How are my stores performing historically?
  • Which are my top performing stores?
  • What styles have the best margin?
  • Which styles should have more attention?
  • Which stores are performing well based on the sales per unit area?

Drilling on Year/Month in the Sales Performance by Period chart allows for analysis at day level.

The required data is captured in point of sales systems with an integration to M3.

Reports and KPIs

The dashboard contains these reports:
  • Store Performance Details
  • Sales Performance by Period
  • Sales Performance by Store and Style
  • Top Sales per Unit Area by Store
  • Bottom Sales per Unit Area by Store
  • Top Stores
  • Bottom Stores
  • Top Styles
  • Bottom Styles

The dashboard also has these KPIs: Invcd Net Amt and Gross Profit 1. These KPIs use the Invoice Date as the date basis for analysis and the Sum aggregation. Amounts are expressed in the company currency.

Currency information is also displayed on the dashboard.


These standard filters are available:
  • Facility
  • Time (Config. 2)
  • Store
  • Store Category
  • Store Class
  • Store Volume Class
  • Sales Organization
  • Customer Geography
  • Promotion
  • Item (Config. 1)
  • Color
  • Brand
  • Style
  • Season
  • Metric
  • Show N Records
  • Ranking (Config. 2)
  • View (Config. 2)

The filters Ranking, Time, and View are mandatory filters.

These filters are embedded: Metric, Store, Store Category, Store Class, and Store Volume Class. The Metric filter is applied to these reports: Sales Performance by Sales and Style, Bottom Stores, Top Stores, Top Styles and Bottom Styles.

The Ranking filter enables Top/Bottom analysis of reports together with Show N Records to control the number of elements shown in the report. A subset of the filters, Facility and Time are applied to the Top Sales per Unit Area by Store and Bottom Sales per Unit Area by Store reports.

You can use the View filter to switch between a summary and a detail view of the data.