Purchase Order Supply Chain dashboard

The Purchase Order Supply Chain dashboard is a product-centric dashboard that provides you with detailed information about goods connected to your purchase orders. You can use this dashboard to analyze arriving goods and gain actionable insights in planning for receiving the goods.

This dashboard can answer these questions:

  • What is the volume and value of inbound goods per warehouse?
  • Do I need additional resources to receive goods?
  • How much of the goods is directed delivery, non-stocked, and stocked?

The Purchase Order Supply Chain dashboard allows analysis at week or at date level. Depending on the selected view, the week or date interval is displayed on the dashboard which serves as guide to user for the time analysis within the dashboard. The interval is based on the values defined in the global variables. See the Variables section in Infor M3 Analytics for M3 CloudSuites Administration Guide.

Reports and KPIs

The dashboard contains these reports:

  • Delivery Type Overview
  • By Record Type and Line Status
  • By Warehouse
  • Late Arriving Orders by Buyer
  • Purchase Order Details
The dashboard also has these KPIs:
  • No. of Lines
  • Line Amt
  • Order Qty
  • Open Order Qty

These KPIs use the Planning Date as the date basis for analysis and the Sum aggregation. Amounts are expressed in the company currency.

Currency information is also displayed on the dashboard.


These standard filters are available:
  • Facility
  • Warehouse (Config. 1)
  • Week for Report Interval Basis
  • Supplier
  • Buyer
  • Purchase Order Type
  • Purchase Orders
  • Record Type
  • Highest Status – PO
  • Lowest Status – PO
  • Line Status – PO
  • Purchase Agreement
  • Item (Config. 1)
  • Delivery Type
  • Metric
  • Show N Records
  • View (Config. 1)

The Metric filter is an embedded filter that is applied to these reports: Delivery Type Overview, By Record Type and Line Status, By Warehouse, and Late Arriving Orders by Buyer.

The Delivery type filter is excluded from the Delivery Type Overview report.

The Week for Report Interval Basis, Purchase Orders, Metric, and View are mandatory filters. The Show N Records filter is a mandatory filter that is applied to these reports: By Warehouse and Late Arriving Orders by Buyer.