Using Lawson Drill-Around in Smart Reconciliation

You can use the Drill-Around feature on many of the field data values contained in the Smart Reconciliation tables found on the Work List, Detail Match, Invoice Match, and Add On Cost windows if you are using Add On Cost. This provides you access to additional information for these fields using the Lawson Drill Explorer, which is also available in the Lawson Portal.

These fields are available for the Drill-Around feature in Smart Reconciliation:

  • Company

  • Vendor

  • Invoice

  • Purchase Order

  • Buyer

  • Authority Code

  • Receiver

Complete these steps to use the Drill-Around feature on a field:

  1. Navigate to the Work List, Detail Match, Invoice Match, or Add On Cost window.
  2. Click the Configure icon on a table in the display to access the appropriate Configure View window.
  3. Include a column in the table for a field which is available for the Drill-Around feature. To do so, select the check box next to the column name for that field.
    Note: If there is no check box next to the field, then it is required for display and no action is required to display it in the table.

    For example, you want to use the Drill-Around feature on an invoice in the Work List. Notice that on the Work List - Change Table Column Order Configure View window, the Invoice # field is required, since it has no check box next to it. That means the invoice table column is already available in the table display for the Work List.

  4. Click Save if you made changes to a field.

    Click Cancel if no further action is required.

    Note: If Save is clicked, then the display is refreshed.
  5. Right-click a data value contained in the column where you want to use the Drill-Around feature. A context menu is displayed. Click the Drill-Around menu item.

    For example, the diagram shows a Drill-Around for an invoice INV452 on the Work List window.

  6. A Lawson Drill-Around Explorer window is launched. Using this technique, a user has the ability to Drill into the column data on Smart Reconciliation and navigate through Lawson Drill Explorer, just as they would through the Lawson Portal.