Role of Smart Reconciliation in Invoice Matching

Infor Lawson Smart Reconciliation is a self-service application for the Lawson Invoice Matching application. Smart Reconciliation enables you to reconcile exception invoices that do not pass the initial match in Invoice Matching and require a review. These exception invoices have a quantity or cost discrepancy.

Items that did not match and generated a PO cost message or a no receipt message are not displayed in the Smart Reconciliation application. PO cost messages or no receipt messages require other actions and you cannot match them until they are resolved.

Smart Reconciliation and the Invoice Matching process

With the Invoice Matching process, you need a way to reconcile exception invoices. You can use the Smart Reconciliation application to complete the reconciliation process.

This diagram shows the invoice matching process in Lawson at a high level. It includes where you can use Smart Reconciliation within this process:

Smart Reconciliation in the Invoice Matching Process