Manager features

The manager features of the Career Management Center contains these tabs and their specific information.

Note: Managers have access to information regarding their direct reports. A manager's direct reports are set up on Employee (HR11).
  • Individual Profile

  • Employee Action Plan

  • Employee Qualifications

  • Explore Careers

  • Training Options

  • Group Profile

Individual Profile

You can use Individual Profile to view a graph comparing an employee's current qualifications to required or expected job qualifications. These are the specific uses:

  • Enroll an employee in a training course

  • View the employee's current job description

  • View additional details about the employee's job (for example, working conditions, travel, equipment operated, supervision, mental and physical requirements).

Employee Action Plan

You can use Employee Action Plan to access information about an employee's career goals. These are the specific uses:

  • View an employee's career goal action plan

  • View an employee's next job review date

  • View an employee's review history

  • View an employee's training history

  • View the courses an employee's has enrolled in

Employee Qualifications

You can use Employee Qualifications to access information about an employee's qualifications. These are the specific uses:

  • View an employee's competencies, certifications, educational degrees, and associated details

  • Add or maintain qualifications for an employee

Explore Careers

You can use Explore Careers to help you determine which jobs an employee is qualified for. When you specify an employee and a potential job, the system compares the employee's current qualification information to the potential job's information. You can explore careers using these search criteria:

Job Title Select a job title and compare the employee's current qualifications to a potential job qualifications.
Job Category Select a job category and compare the employee's current qualifications to a potential job's qualifications.
Qualification Criteria

Select up to six qualification and the system generates a list of all potential jobs that use that qualification and an employee's existing qualifications.

Note: You can use this function to help you plan an employee's trainings schedule.

Training Options

You can use Training Options to view information about training courses for an employee. You can also use Training Options to register an employee for the courses you want him/her to take. You can use these search methods to find information about training courses:

Category Select a training category to view a list of all courses related to that category.
Qualification Criteria Select a competency, certification, or educational degree. The system generates a list of courses an employee needs to complete to achieve the qualification you specified.
For Job Gaps This function compares an employee's current qualifications with his/her required job qualifications. The system creates a list of job gaps and identifies any training courses the employee needs to achieve his/her job's qualifications.

Group Profile

You can use Group Profile to access information about all or some employees' current qualifications and required or expected qualifications. You can also use this feature to compare your employees' qualifications with any other job's qualifications.