Approve timecards using the summary approval form

  1. In Manager Self-Service, access manager approval. Select the summary approval form.
  2. If employees are assigned more than one pay plan, the system displays a select form from which you must select a pay plan.
  3. Review and approve timecards.

    To assign a status, click the Status Down Arrow and select a status. See below for more information about the available statuses:

    Status Submitted Hours Populated
    N/A — Not Entered N/A
    0 — Entered No
    1 — Submitted Yes
    2 — Approved Yes
    3 — Hold Yes
    4 — Rejected Yes
  4. Specify this information:
    Arrow and Pulldown Buttons

    These buttons are located near the top of the form. Select the back arrow button to navigate to the previous pay period. Select the forward arrow button to navigate to the next pay period.

    Use the pulldown button to access a calendar. Click a date on the calendar to navigate to the time entry form for that pay period.

    Clipboard Button

    Email Button

    Select the clipboard button to attach comments to the employee's timecard.

    Select the email button to email the employee.

    Magnifying Glass Button

    Select the magnifying glass button to access the pay period view. From the pay period view you can review, add, or modify information.

    This button is color-coded. The button is red if you specified your time. The button is yellow if you specified but did not submit your time. The button is green if you specified and submitted your time.

    Update Button Select this button to save your changes.
    Approve All Submitted Button You can click this button only when all timecards have been submitted and are awaiting approval.
  5. Click the update time card button to save your work.
  6. To exit the application, click Quit.
    Note: If you reject a timecard, they system sends the employees an email stating that the employee must review and correct his/her timecard.