Creating objectives

  1. Select Goal Management.
  2. Select a direct report.
  3. Click Add Objective.
  4. Specify this information:

    Specify a title for the objective.

    Detailed Description

    Specify detailed information about what the objective requires.


    Specify a numeric priority.

    Start Date

    Select a starting date for the objective.

    End Date

    Select an ending date for the objective.


    Select a status for the objective.

    Percent Complete

    Specify a number that specifies the percentage of completion for the objective. Do not specify the percent sign.

    Complete Date

    Select the date that the objective was completed.

    Linked To

    Use this field for reporting purposes.

    Aligned To

    Use this field for reporting purposes.


    Specify a factor by which to weigh the goal.

    Amt/Pct Indicator

    Select whether the value specified in the Weighting field is an amount or a percent.

  5. In the Add Objective panel, click Add.