Updating employee benefits

This procedure shows you how to process the CSV file to update the employee benefit records.

You must perform the Extracting the Pending Benefit Records procedure to generate the CSV file.

  1. Access the Batch Benefit Enrollment (BN531) form.
  2. Access the Job Definition (jobdef) environment utility.
  3. Select or specify the job name you added on Batch Benefit Enrollment (BN531).
  4. Select the Form ID field and then press F6.
  5. Select CSV File Attributes from the Define menu to display the Jobstep CSV Workfile Attribute Definition form.
  6. In the External Name field, specify the path and file name on the Lawson server where you directed BS531 to create the CSV file of extracted employee enrollment records.
  7. Press the Enter key twice to save the parameters. Press the Esc (Escape) key until you exit the environment forms and return to the application.
  8. Submit the job on Batch Benefit Enrollment (BN531) to update the employee benefits enrollments.