Setting up benefits annual enrollment plan rules

This procedure shows how to define which benefit plans are available for annual enrollment, and how the employee and company costs are displayed. This form is used for Benefits Self Service on the Web.

Set up plan rules

  1. Access Benefits Annual Enrollment Plan Rules (BS03.1).
  2. Select header information.
  3. Specify this information:
    Plan Group

    Select a plan group. Plan groups are defined in Plan Group (BS02.1).

    Benefit Type

    Select the plan type that you want to use with the group in the plan group field.

    Plan Code

    Select the plan code.

    Employee Cost

    Select how employee costs display on the Web. If you leave this field blank, Employee defaults and the employee costs display on the web.

    Company Cost

    Select whether a company cost should display on the Web. If you leave this field blank, No defaults and the company costs do not display.

    Add Dependent

    Select whether the employee will specify dependent benefit information for this plan during the enrollment process. If you select Yes, the employee is automatically navigated to the dependent benefit form on the web. There the employee designates covered dependents for appropriate coverage elections. If this plan does not cover dependents, select No.

    Create Transaction

    Select whether to create transactions for the HIPAA output file created by Benefit Transaction Export (BN106).


    Select the HIPAA reason for the transaction. This field is required if you selected Yes in Create Transactions.

  4. Select a form action.