Setting up benefits enrollment rules

This procedure shows how to view the overall rules used for Benefits Self Service. These rules are used for annual enrollment, family status changes, and new hire enrollments.

Set up and maintain benefit enrollment rules

  1. Access Benefits Enrollment Rules (BS01.1).
  2. Select a Company for which to set up benefits enrollment rules.
  3. Specify this information:
    Rule Type

    Select a rule type.

    Group Name

    If you want define enrollment rules by employee group, select an employee group.

    Cost Divisor

    Select how to display costs for Benefits enrollment. Costs are divided by the divisor you select.

    Immediate Update

    Select whether elections should update the Lawson Benefits application immediately.

    If you select Yes, elections are immediately updated to the Lawson Benefits application.

    If you select No, the changes will go into a pending file in the IOS productline. The changes can be extracted as a CSV (comma-separated value file) and loaded to BN531.

    Display Flex Dollars

    Select whether the application will check for an employee flex credit record. Select Yes to display flex credit information to employees in order to help them make informed benefit choices. If employees are allowed to keep unspent flex credits after they make their elections, you must select Yes for the application to calculate this amount.

    Enrollment Date Range

    If you selected Annual in the Rule Type field, specify the starting date of the enrollment period. The Benefits Annual Enrollment option is displayed on the Web during the dates you specify in this field and the Enrollment Stop Date field.

    Current Benefit Date

    If you selected Annual in the Rule Type field, specify an "as of" date to use to determine the employee's current benefits.

    New Election Date

    If you selected Annual in the Rule Type field, specify the date that is the benefit start date for all benefits added during the enrollment process.

  4. Select a form action.