Web Time Entry methods

The organization specifies whether employees must specify time records as normal time records or exception time records. Managers must perform the same timecard approval tasks for both time entry types.

Descriptions of each time entry method are listed below.

Normal time records

Normal time records are timecards employees use to record all of their hours for a specific pay period.

Normal time records can be specified in Employee Self-Service with the Daily Entry or Period Entry tasks.

Exception time records

Exception time records are timecards employees use to record exception hours for a specific pay period. Exception hours include vacation time, sick time, holiday time, jury duty, funeral leave, etc.

To specify the relationships between exception pay codes and offset pay code, you must use Exception, Offset Time Record Rules (PR28.1). The payroll system uses the pay codes to create exception time records for the employee.

The maximum number of pay codes that can be used on an exception web time entry form is 40.

Note: Be advised that the more pay codes that are added to a timecard form, the longer it takes for the form to be painted on the web. Performance is based on the speed of your PC's processor, the amount of network traffic, and the browser you are using.