Specifying annual enrollment

This procedure teaches you how to test the benefit information you set up on the system. You must use the Employee Self-Service to perform the test.

Test additions and changes using annual enrollment

  1. In Employee Self-Service, access Employee Role. Select the Benefit Enrollment task.
  2. Select options for each plan group. Consider these:
    • The system lists only the plans the employee is eligible for.

    • If the employee is not eligible for any plans within a plan group, the system does not display the plan group.

    • The employee must select at least one option for each plan group. If the employee is not required to specify an option, he/she should select a waive plan.

    • If the employee must specify more than one option for the plan group, the system displays a message indicating how many options the employee must specify.

    • If the employee clicks the Quit button, the system deletes all of the employee's changes.

  3. After the employee completes all entries, the system displays the Final Confirmation form.
    Note:  Selecting Final Confirmation of the benefit information functions differently depending on the enrollment rules you set up on SEA Benefits Enrollment Rules (BS01).

    If you set the rules to update immediately, the system immediately updates the employee records.

    If you set the rules to pending, the system creates a record in BNBEN (BS31). To update the employee records, you must extract these records using a batch program.

  4. Submit all entries.

    The system saves the entries and the Verification form displays indicating your entries were saved.