Setting up the job description link

Note: This job description is not the same job description that you set up in Job Description (PA09.1).

The Career Management Center only shows job descriptions for the primary (level 1) job assigned to an employee. To keep the files on the server organized, especially if an organization intends to load a large number of descriptions to show in Career Management, you might want to create a jobdescriptions folder somewhere in the WEBDIR directory structure to store them.

  1. Access Employee (HR11.1).
  2. Assign a job code.
  3. Access Job Code (HR06.1).
  4. Assign a URL for the path and file name for the job code's .html file.
    Note: The URL field is part of the file layout for Job Code Conversion (HR506), so a large volume of job description URLs can be loaded with that program rather than needing to manually specify them on Job Code (HR06.1).
  5. Create the job description and save it as an .html file.
  6. Upload the .html file you created to the path you specified on Job Code (HR06.1). After you complete this step, Job Code (HR06.1) shows a Launch button. This button links to the job description html file.

    For example, an organization's employees access Employee Self-Service at http://xyz:80/lawson/portal, where xyz:80 represents the organization's unique server name and port that was set up to host Lawson web-based applications. The HR department writes a job description for the Payroll Processor job and saves it in .html format with the file name payrollprocessor. In Job Code (HR06.1), the HR department uses the Attachments feature to specify a URL for the job description of http://xyz:80/lawson/payrollprocessor.html. The self-service administrator copies the description file to WEBDIR/lawson. To test the job description, they can use the Launch feature in the Attachments window in Job Code (HR06.1) where the URL was initially defined for the job.