Defining plan rules for annual enrollment

Use this procedure to define which benefit plans to include during the annual enrollment period, and the plan group where you will place each benefit. Plan rules also determine how the system shows the employee cost and whether employees can add dependents to their benefit plans.

Perform this procedure only if your organization offers an annual enrollment process.

Note: You do not need to define different rules for different groups because employees only see the plans for which they are eligible.
  1. Access Web Benefits Annual Enrollment Plan Rules (BS03.1).
  2. Specify this information:
    Employee Cost

    Select E (Employee Cost), F (Flex Cost), T (Total Cost), or B (Both).

    If you select T (Total Cost), then the cost is displayed as the difference between the employee cost and the flex cost (as defined on the plan's contribution record).

    If you select B (Both), then the employee cost and flex credits are displayed in two columns.

    Add Dependents

    If you select Yes, and the employee elects an option that covers dependents, then they can elect which dependents to cover.

  3. On the Prerequisites Plan tab, you can link another benefit plan as a prerequisite of the plan that you are defining.
    The employee must elect the prerequisite plan before electing the defined plan. Ensure that the prerequisite plan is set up for enrollment on BS03.1 and must belong to a plan group with a lower process order than the plan being defined.
  4. Click Add.