Defining enrollment rules

This procedure shows you how to establish enrollment rules. Enrollment rules determine when employees can enroll or maintain their benefit information. Enrollment rules determine cost divisors, which dictate how the system lists the employees contributions.

Note:  Defining enrollment rules by employee group enables you to stagger the employee enrollment process. It also reduces server traffic.
  1. Access Benefits Enrollment Rules (BS01.1).
  2. Specify this information:
    Cost Divisors

    Select Annual, Monthly, Semi-Monthly, or Pay Frequency.

    Immediate Update

    Select Y (Yes — Immediate), N (No — Pending), or T (Test).

    If you set the immediate update to (Test), then the system does not update the database. You can use this option for testing or demonstrating the system.

    Display Flex Dollars

    Select Y (Yes) if the employee can keep unspent flex dollars. The system calculates the percentage amount the employee can keep.

    This field determines what the system shows on the Benefits Summary form.

    Enrollment Date Range

    Specify the dates during which employees can add or modify their benefit information. This field is used for the annual enrollment period.

    Current Benefit Date

    Specify a date. The system shows the employees benefit information as of this date. The date you specify does not have to match the Enrollment Date Range begin date.

  3. Click Add.