Time Entry Form (HS01.1)

HS01.1 enables you to define the look of the employee time record entry forms and the manager approval form.

You can

  • Use employee groups to define as many forms as you want or you can create a form that is used by all employees. Employee groups must be mutually exclusive.

  • Include on a form many of the fields on the standard server time entry programs, and user-defined fields.

  • Define which fields are displayed.

  • Define the order the fields are shown horizontally across the screen.

  • Define the field label (heading).

  • Define the field size (which can deviate from what is specified on the database).

  • Specify which fields are required for employees to specify during time entry.

  • Define a default value that the system uses if the employee does not specify a value--whether or not the field displays on the form.