Enabling Benefits tasks

The Benefits task enables you to access these tasks:

  • Current Benefits - To view current benefits, the cost divisor for the Current Benefits task is based on the current benefits rule (Rule Type C) in Benefit Enrollment Rules (BS01.1). If no current benefit rule (Rule Type C) is defined in Benefit Enrollment Rules (BS01.1), then the cost divisor is based on the employee's pay frequency.

  • Spending Accounts - To view spending accounts, ensure that the employee is enrolled in a flexible spending account benefit plan.

  • Benefits Handbook - View a handbook document listing the benefits provided by your organization and related policies, benefit details, etc.

  • Benefits Plan Descriptions - View descriptions of your organization's benefits plans. These descriptions are also available when employees use the portal to enroll in benefits. Each of the web benefit enrollment forms displays a Plan Description button next to the benefit plans that appears during the enrollment process.