Enabling the competencies graph on the My Job Profile form

Note: If you do not track proficiencies and levels for competencies, then the system cannot provide a complete gap analysis.
  1. Access Competency (HR81.4).
  2. For qualification to show on the graph, you must select 2 (Display Only) or 3 (Update) in the Web Available field.
  3. Access Qualifications (PA08.1).
  4. Select qualifications for the job or position assigned to the employee on Employee (HR11.1).

    If you specify that the qualification is essential, then the graph shows asterisks by the qualification.

    If you define the same qualifications for the job and the position but with different proficiency levels, then the graph shows the position's proficiency.

  5. Access Competencies (PA21.1).
  6. Select qualifications for the employee.

    The system uses these criteria to graph your results:

    • The system only graphs qualifications for primary (or level 1).

    • The proficiency value x-axis is based on the values you specified in the HR suite. The system enables you to specify values from 1–999. For useful graphs, define and assign consistent proficiency levels in the HR suite. For example, use 1 as the lowest proficiency level for any code or assignment to an employee and 5 as the highest so that the graph has a consistent set of numbers for the x-axis. For example, you assigned one competency to employees with proficiency to employees with proficiency levels of 1-3. Use smaller values and another competency with levels 1-100. Both competencies are assigned to an employee. The x-axis on the graph goes to 100, and the competency with only the 1-3 range shows very small and carry a low rating for the employee even though 3 was the highest possible. Using the same set of proficiency levels (1-3, 1-5, 1-10, etc.) for all competencies resolves that issue.

    • If you did not specify a competency proficiency, then the system shows a graph value of -1.

  7. When you click the link for a competency appearing on the graph, you have the option to view training courses available to improve that competency. Access Course Certifications and Competencies (TR03.1) to enable this feature.
  8. Assign appropriate courses to competency codes.