Enabling the Personnel Actions task

The personnel actions task enables managers to specify personnel actions for direct reports. This functionality is also available through the Personnel Actions link in the Direct Reports task.

  1. Access Action (PA50.1).
  2. Click the Web tab.
  3. Specify this information:
    Web Availability

    Select Y (Yes) to allow employees to have access to personnel actions through Employee Self-Service.

    Currently, personnel actions are only available through Manager Self-Service. Therefore the system does not use this field.

    Web Supervisor Available
    Select whether a supervisor has access to this action code through the web. You can select from these options:
    • Employee (HR11.1) Direct Supervisor
    • Employee (HR11.1) Indirect Supervisor
    • Both
    • None
    • 1: Not Available

    • 2: Direct Supervisor

    • 3: Indirect Supervisor

    • 4: Direct/Indirect Supervisor

    Currently, the only options are Direct Supervisor or none.

    Web Immediate

    Select Y to make the action immediate. Specify N to make the system store the pending action on Individual Action (PA52.1). If you select N, then you must process the action with Action (PA100).

  4. Click Add.