Enabling the Direct Deposit Pay task

You must define direct deposit rules before employees can add or maintain direct deposit information.

Complete these steps to define direct deposit rules.

  1. Access Wed Direct Deposit Rules (HS06.1).
  2. Specify this information:
    Maximum Number of Accounts

    Specify the maximum number of accounts that employees can split their payroll amount into.

    You can specify from 1 to 99 accounts.

    Partial Allowed

    Select whether employees can have a portion of their checks deposited into an account, and a portion delivered as a check.

    If you select Yes, then the employees can have full or partial ACH Deposits.

    If you select No, then the employees must deposit their whole check through direct deposit.

    If you select Yes to Partial Allowed, then the employees can have full or partial ACH Deposits.

    Deduction Cycles

    Select the cycles in which you enable the direct deposit.

    Employee Email

    Select whether an email notification is sent to the employee when they make a direct deposit change.

    Payroll Email

    Specify the email address of the person who is automatically notified when an employee maintains direct deposit information.

    Maximum number of accounts
    Deduction cycles
  3. Click Add.

    The system enables direct deposit for Canada and the United Kingdom. The system checks Employee (HR11.1) to enable direct deposit for Canadian and United Kingdom accounts.