Configuring EMSS application settings

Application settings for EMSS are located in the emss_config.xml file that is delivered with the product.

Before running EMSS, verify or reset the application configuration options in the emss_config.xml file.

  1. Change the directory to $WEBDIR/lawson/xhrnet/xml/config/.
  2. Open the emss_config.xml file with a text editor to view and update configuration options. Some of the configuration options that can be updated are listed in the succeeding table. To update a configuration setting, change the value attribute for that setting. The settings are populated with default values.
  3. If you made changes to any of the default setting values, close and save the file.

    You can also use EMSS Configuration File (HS23.1). HS23.1 is used to maintain the EMSS configuration settings without having to reapply settings in the emss_config.xml file. The configuration settings are saved to the browser cache for faster loading. For every change in EMSS configuration File (HS23.1), you might have to clear the browser cache or start a new browser session for the changes to take effect.