Defining plan rules for life events enrollment

Use this procedure to define which benefit plans to include during the life events enrollment period, and the plan group where you will place each benefit. The plan rules are defined for each of the current life events (birth, adoption, marriage, legal separation, divorce, and spouse employment). Plan rules also determine how employee cost is listed.

Perform this procedure only if your organization offers an annual enrollment process.

Note: You do not need to define different rules for different groups because employees only see the plans for which they are eligible.
  1. Access Benefits Life Event Plan Rules (BS03.2).
  2. Specify this information:
    EOI Days

    Specify the number of days after the life event that the employee can make benefits changes without providing evidence of insurability.

  3. On the More tab, define additional rules for the life event. The parameters determine when employees can add, maintain, or stop the benefit. Specify the rule's effective date.
  4. On the Prerequisites Plan tab, you can link another benefit plan as a prerequisite of the plan that you are defining.

    The employee must elect the prerequisite plan before electing the defined plan. Ensure that the prerequisite plan is set up for enrollment on BS03.1 and must belong to a plan group with a lower process order than the plan being defined.

  5. Click Add.