Enabling the Org Chart task

The employee organization chart is based on supervisory structure and relationships. The company structure, such as process levels and departments, do not impact this task.

You have the option to include employee pictures in your organization chart. These pictures are included in the chart and the Professional Profile task (if applicable) and Manager Self-Service.

Establishing a supervisory structure

  1. Access Supervisor (HR07.1).
  2. Verify that the supervisor codes are defined.
  3. Verify that the employees are tied to the supervisor codes.
  4. Access Employee (HR11.1) > Assignment page.
  5. Ensure that the correct supervisor code is assigned in the Supervisor field.

Inserting employee photos

  1. Take pictures with a digital camera or scan images taken with a non-digital camera.
  2. Save each photo as a .jpg file with the name: P<companynumber><employeenumber>.jpg
    Note: Use the full four characters for company, and nine characters for employee, filling the blanks with zeros.

    For example: A photo of employee number 2156 in company 1 is saved as P0001000002156.jpg.

    We recommend that you save each photo with a standard size that does not exceed 80 x 100 pixels. Photos that are larger than 80 x 100 might not display or flow properly within the Employee and Manager Self-Service applications. Employee photos are not resized by the EMSS applications, so it is important to ensure they are created with dimensions that will fit properly within the applications.

  3. Copy the photo file(s) to this path: $WEBDIR/lawson/xhrnet/images/employees.

    Ensure that your photo files are transferred as binary and not as ASCII. If you use the command at a UNIX prompt, then change your command from winptxfr -u to winptxfr -ub. If you use a FTP program (recommended), then ensure that it is set to binary.

  4. Copy the photo file(s) to this path: WEBDIR/lawson/xhrnet/images/employees.