Enabling leave balances in Absence Management (LP)

Note: You must define rules, if you are using Absence Management (LP) to manage leave balances.
  1. Access Absence Plan Balances Rule (ES02.2).
  2. On the Leave Balances tab, define your absence balance rules.
  3. Specify this information:
    Available Balances
    Select from these options to show available balances:
    • Hours Only
    • Earnings Only
    • Both

    This is a required field.

    Transactional Detail

    This field can be used to control whether transactional details are displayed for available balances.

    Web Description

    This is the description that is displayed to the user when accessing their leave balances. If this field is left blank, then the description from the Absence Plan (LP01) is used. This is an optional field.

    Carryover Hours/Carryover Earnings

    Use these fields to show the carryover hours or earnings to employees. Set the Carryover Hours or Carryover Earnings field if your plan tracks carryover amounts.

  4. On the Pay Checks tab, define your absence balance rules that will show on paychecks.
  5. Specify this information:
    Print on Pay Check
    Select which balance is displayed on paychecks:
    • Available Hours
    • Available Earnings
    • Annual Limit Remaining

    The default setting is blank - No Balance.

    Multiple Positions

    If you select a value in Print on Pay Check and the plan is defined to hold balances by position code, then select how balances are printed on a paycheck.

    • Select 1 to combine position code balance amounts into a total balance for the plan.

    • Leave blank to exclude the position code balance amounts from printing on the check.

    Balance Date Option

    If you select a value in Print on Pay Check, then select whether balances are computed as of a specific date.

    • Select 1 to compute balance amounts as of payment date.

    • Select 2 to compute balance amounts as of the pay period end date.

    • Leave blank to print the current balance available from the employee master record.