Planning the web benefits enrollment process

This procedure helps you to define the options you can present to your employees and how you can present those options. After you have set up a benefit plan, see the proper procedures in this section to help you set up your web benefits.

  1. Determine the options to present and how you can present them. Consider these guidelines:
    • Will you deploy all or some of your benefits plans over the web?

    • Will you implement web enrollment for only annual enrollment, life event changes, new hire employments, or a combination of these events?

    • In what order should the system show the benefits? If you offer full flex benefits, then is the order of election important?

    • How should the system show the plan costs? Should the system show company costs with employee costs?

    • Should employees be allowed to waive coverage? Have you defined the waive plans?

    • Did you define all the necessary plan parameters, including limits?

    • Will your employees be electing dependent coverage? Did you define age parameters on the plan?

    • Should the system immediately update new and modified enrollment information to the HR suite? Or should the new and modified information be on pending?

    • Should the employees specify new enrollment data or modify existing enrollment data during annual enrollment?

  2. Perform the necessary procedures in this section.