Receiving purchase orders

Use this procedure to add receiving information. All open purchase orders for a company are displayed.

  1. In the Select fields, specify the information you have about the purchase order to be received. For example, the company, purchase order number, buyer, or vendor (or a combination thereof).

    Click Search.

    The purchase orders meeting your criteria are displayed.

  2. To view information about the purchase order, you have two options:
    • Click View PO to display the purchase order header, including the line items, the number you ordered or previously received, the price, and delivery date. Click Back to return to the purchase order list.

    • Click the purchase order number and several details are displayed, including status, totals, attachments, and line items. Click Back to return to the purchase order list.

  3. Click Receive and specify the number of each purchase order item that was received. Use one of these methods:
    • Specify the Quantity Received.

    • Click Select All to set the quantity remaining as the quantity you received.

      The setup to enable Receive All is made during Purchase Order company setup.

      Note: Purchase orders with partially received lines are not displayed.
  4. To cancel any remaining quantity for a line item on backorder, click the Cancel Backorder field.
  5. To cancel remaining quantities on a purchase order line, click the Cancel Remaining field, so that no items are received and the purchase order line is canceled.

    You cannot submit a receiver without lines or items to receive. You need to delete the unreleased receipt header to complete the process.

    The functionality is the same as the line action of Cancel Remaining (L) on PO Receiving (PO30.1).

  6. If the purchase order line item is tracked by bin, serial number, or lot, then you must specify this information on the receipt.
    1. After you specify the received quantity, click Review and add these details by clicking Detail.
    2. After you have specified the details, click Update to add them.
    3. Click Close to continue to the next line and follow the same steps.
    4. When you have added all your line item details, click Submit.

    This functionality is similar to that of Receiving Detail (PO39.1).

  7. If a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) was attached to a purchase order line item, then specify the MSDS document name.
  8. Click Comments to add comments to a receiver line before releasing the receiver.
  9. Add the receiver using one of these two methods:
    • Click Review to add the receiver but not release it. Click Comments to add comments about the receiver.

    • Click Submit to add and release the receiver.

      Note: You cannot make changes to a receiver that was released. A new receiver is created if receipts are done for a purchase order that already has a released receiver.