Using the Templates task

The Templates task enables you to access procurement templates and add a defined group of items to your requisition. Ensure that a template is already defined on Procurement Templates (PO15.1) before adding items to your requisition. Also, ensure that at least one participant is defined for a template, and that the requester is associated with that participant to view the template.

These are the group of four template lists available:

  • Company Template List (with the company set up as the participant)

  • Location Template List (with the requesting location set up as a participant)

  • Requester Template List (with the requester set up as a participant)

  • Unassigned Template List (participants that were not assigned)

Ensure that you are defined as a participant of the specific template list before you can use that list. See the Purchase Order User Guide.

You can enable a task using Requesters (RQ04.1) or Company (IC01.1) to access it. You can enable a task for a requester but not the company, providing the requester access to the task when no one else in the company has access.

Note: Items added from Templates are on a separate requisition from items added through Punchout.

See Template task.

See Procurement template.

Complete these steps to create requisitions using the Templates task.

  1. On the Find/Shop menu, click Template.
  2. Select a Template.
    • If you know the name of the Template that you will use, then specify it in the Search field.

    • If you do not know name of the Template, then click the Company, Location, or Requester Template to access a list of Templates that were created for each of these participant groups.

    You can scroll up or down the template, or click Search to find the items that you will order.

    Note: You can use the Drill Around function to receive more information about an item, such as item source location, cost source, and others.
    Note: Click Print next to the template name at the top of the page to print the template.

    After you select a template to create a requisition, the lines are displayed.

  3. If you see the items you want while viewing a Template, you can add the items to the requisition individually by clicking Add or selecting the items that you will add. Then click Add All Selected.
    Note: If the company or requester is restricted to requesting Internal Only (Inventory), Contract Only, or IC12 record only items, then those are the only items that is displayed for selection from the template.
  4. Optionally, use the Search field to find an item on the template.

    When you specify a string of characters in the Search field, all items containing that string of characters are displayed.

    After selecting an item from the search results, items are displayed in the order that they appear on the template. You can then add it to the requisition.

  5. Click Release to move the requisition to the next processing stage.