Requisitions Approval process

The Requisition Approval process uses monetary limits to determine which requisitions need authorization before further processing. The monetary limits are the approval codes established during Requisitions setup.

Processing is suspended on requisitions that exceed the monetary limits until the requisitions are approved. An approver reviews a requisition, authorizes it for further processing, or rejects it.

Approval codes can contain different levels of monetary limits. Each level has an approver assigned to it and a higher limit than the level below. For example, this approval code is defined.

Lower limit Approver title
1,000 Supervisor
10,000 Vice President
50,000 Department Manager

The approval code is set up so that lower levels of approval are not needed. In this example, only the department manager must approve a requisition totaling $12,000 (if you set the Skip Lower Levels field to Yes in Approval Codes (RQ02.1). If you set the Skip Lower Levels field to No, then you will receive an error message if you try to approve or reject one of these requisitions.

Approval is not required for requisitions that do not exceed a monetary limit. For example, you set up an approval code with a lowest limit of $1,000. A requisition with a total under $1,000 does not need any approval. Processing of these requisitions is not constrained or restricted by the approval process.