Inquiring about a requisition line

  1. Click Inquire.
  2. From the Inquire page, click the Line Inquiry tab.
  3. Select the search criteria. The criteria are Item, Creation Date, or Requesting Location.
  4. In the Search field, specify the search text.

    To search for a word, specify the word. To search all, leave the Search field blank.

    Note: Search results return the full requisition.
  5. Click Search to begin your search.

    The search results are displayed.

    The earliest requisition with the item is displayed in the first group in reverse date order. You might need to click Next several times to get to the current requisition.

  6. Optionally, copy or view a selected requisition line.

    Move your mouse pointer over the 'i' icon to view the item description, requested delivery date, and status.

    Note: Punchout items are not copied.