Setting up the Purchase Order application

Before using the application, you must define Purchase Order vendors and locations. If you plan to use the Punchout task, then additional setup is required. Use this procedure to define information in the Purchase Order application.

Access these forms to define the information listed.
Form Setup
PO Vendor (PO10.1) and Vendor Purchase From Location (PO10.2)

If your company issues purchase orders through Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), then select EDI as your PO Vendor Issue method.

Note:  Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is a method of transmitting data electronically. See the Lawson EDI Standard and EDI Professional for Supply Chain Management User Guide.

On the Punchout tab on PO10.1 and PO10.2, specify whether to allow changes to punchout items.

See the information about how to set up the Purchase Order application in the Purchase Order User Guide.