Approving requisitions

Use the approval process to approve (authorize) or reject a requisition for a company. You must approve a requisition when the requisition total exceeds the predefined monetary limit. This procedure describes the process an authorized approver uses to approve requisitions.

  1. Access the Requisition Approvals bookmark.
  2. Display the requisitions needing your approval.
  3. Specify this information:

    Specify the company whose unapproved requisitions you want to view.

    Authorization ID

    Specify the authorization ID for the approval code that is assigned to the requisitioner's or the approver's work queue.

    This is similar to a password for the approver. The authorization ID does not show during entry. Authorization IDs are defined on Approval Codes (RQ02.1).

    A list of unapproved requisitions is displayed. The requisitions that show are based on your setup on Approval Codes (RQ02.1). If RQ02 is setup to not skip lower levels, then you will see a list of requisitions that need your direct approval. These are highlighted in blue. Those that are waiting for lower level approval are highlighted in white. You cannot approve requisitions waiting for lower level approval. If your RQ02 is setup to skip lower levels, then a higher-level approver can approve or reject all requisitions that are pending approval at lower levels.

  4. Approve or reject the requisition. In the Action column, click Approve or Reject.

    The entire requisition is approved or rejected. After the required approval levels are attained, the requisition is available for further processing.

  5. To view related approval information about a requisition, move your pointer over the 'i' icon for that requisition.

    These fields are displayed: approval code, authorization ID, approval level the requisition must reach, and the authorization IDs that are available.

  6. Click Comments to add comments, for example to explain why a requisition was rejected.