Using the Express Order task

The Express Order task enables you to add a specific item to a requisition. Use this task when you know the exact item that you will add to the requisition.
Note: The user may be redirected to the Special/Service screen when searching for a non-existing item, depending on the Requesters (RQ04.1) or Company (IC01.1) setup.

Express order items are inventoried or non-stock. The Inventory Control application maintains the quantities and cost of inventoried items. A non-stock item type is defined in the Item Master file, but not tracked in inventory.

You can enable a task using Requesters (RQ04.1) or Company (IC01.1) to access it. You can enable a task for a requester but not the company, providing the requester access to the task when no one else in the company has access.

Note: Items added from Express Order are on a separate requisition from items added through Punchout.

See Express Order task.

Complete these steps to create requisitions using the Express Order task.

  1. On the Find/Shop menu, click Express Order.
    Note: Express Order was designed for speed entry when you already know which Lawson items to order.
  2. Specify or select the items that you will order in the Item field and press Enter. The Add button is highlighted.
  3. Press Enter to add the item or the tab button to go to the Quantity field and specify a quantity.

    Press the Shift and Tab keys to return to the Add button and press Enter.

    Note: The Quantity field has a maximum quantity of 999,999,999.
  4. Click Release to move the requisition to the next processing stage.