Inquire page

The Inquire page enables you to search for requisitions. Options are available to search by requisition status, requisition number, requisition description, reference number, requesting location, status, and line status.

You can inquire about the requisitions you specified or the requisitions specified by others. You can search by requester, company, location, date range, status, and requisition number. Requisitions are displayed in the order of newest (at the top) to oldest, and the Approval Status is also displayed.

You can use the drill option to see if a PO was created for the requisition. The PO number and line assigned to the item order is displayed. View the status of requisitions using Fill and Kill. There is also a link to Receiving & Delivery to check on delivery and package statuses.

Line Inquire enables you to search for a Lawson item, creation date, or requesting location. Line Status enables users to search requisitions at the line level and includes all of the features listed above.