Requisition processing

The Lawson Requisition Center application enables you to create, view, and modify requisitions. Some setup processing is necessary before you and others can begin using the system.

  • Setting up requisitions

    When you set up the Lawson Requisition Center application, you must consider the requesting needs for your central reporting structure. Specifically, you must determine the number of requesters, requesting locations, and the approval levels needed, if any. Additional web component setup is also required. See the information about setting up requisitions in the Requisitions User Guide.

    Requesters can share the same requester ID, as long as each user has a unique web server log-in ID. If requesters share a requester ID and web ID, then they will interfere with each others' requisitions.

  • Creating requisitions

    When you create a requisition, you request items from inventory or from vendors. There are different methods available in the Lawson Requisition Center application, so you can customize the requesting process for your business.

  • Viewing and changing requisitions

    Use the Lawson Requisition Center to maintain and track the status of requisitions for your business.