Base-64 decoding of PunchOutOrderMessage

In a PunchOut session the contents of your shopping session are encoded before transmission by the vendor back to Requisition Center for processing. There are two methods of encoding the contents, the most common method being "URL encoding". Another encoding method is "Base-64 encoding". Lawson Procurement Punchout provides support for Base-64 encoded PunchOutOrderMessage documents.

No action by the end-user is necessary to use this enhancement; if the vendor uses Base-64 encoding, the Lawson Procurement Punchout will recognize this automatically and use the BASE64Decoder module to decode the PunchOutOrderMessage.

Technical details: This enhancement uses a Java module from SUN (ORACLE), that is, sun.misc.BASE64Decoder.

This Java module is not supported by SUN/Oracle or Lawson Software. But the module has been used successfully for years by many software applications and should pose a low/minimal risk in use.