Set up templates, groups, and users

  1. Sign in to Lawson with an ID that has access to the Procurement Punchout Administration bookmarks.
  2. Set up Templates:
    1. Access Punchout Template (ED45).
    2. Specify a unique name in the Template Name field (for example, DellTemplate).
    3. In the Vendor field, specify that organization's vendor number (from AP10) if one exists.
    4. Specify Prodline.
    5. Click Add.
  3. Set up User Groups:
    1. Access Punchout User Group (ED41).
    2. Specify a name in the User Group Name field (for example, DellPunchout).

      The name you use must match the vendor name in the RQC configuration file.

    3. Optionally, specify in the name of a corresponding image file into the Icon field.

      Field must be prefixed by .../images/. For example, .../images/notavailable.gif

      Note: If you do not select a valid image file in this step, a broken icon image is used. This will not affect the functionality of Procurement Punchout.

      Lawson does not supply image files for punchout-enabled vendors. You can obtain an image file from the vendor. When connected to the vendor's web site, right-click the vendor's logo/icon and select "Save As" to your local machine. This file can then be moved to the server hosting Requisition Center and specified in the "Icon" field of ED41.

    4. Click Add.
      Note: The URL field is not used. Leave this field blank. The vendor's URL is obtained from the appropriate <vendor> section of the Requisition Center configuration file.
  4. Set up users:
    1. Access Punchout User (ED43).
    2. Select the appropriate User Group Name (for example, DellPunchout).
    3. Specify in the relevant web user name and requester.
    4. Select the appropriate Template Name (for example, DellTemplate).
    5. Click Add.
    6. Repeat these steps for each requester that you want to set up for this group/vendor.