Mapping template

This is built-in, and no end-user edits necessary. This represents the mappings that the Lawson requisitioning application requires to process a standard, cXML PunchOut item (by design, an X- or Special-type item). This data structure has been derived from the standard cXML PunchOutOrderMessage document schema. DOCTYPE element is not present and the DTD compliance checking normally applied to the PunchOutOrderMessage document has been disabled. This file must be well-formed in XML, but it is not validated against a DTD.

This template is not intended to be modified by the end-user.

The Vendor Number and Purchase From Location values are normally set in Punchout Template (ED45). If not set in ED45, the missing values must be supplied by the operator after the PunchOut shopping session has concluded or by prior arrangement with the vendor to send your values in the PunchOutOrderMessage, in conjunction with the proper user-supplied <mapping> instructions.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<cXML payloadID="" timestamp="CCYY-MM-DDTHH:MM:SS-GMT" version="1.0">
<Message deploymentMode="">
        <PunchOutOrderMessageHeader operationAllowed="">
                <Money currency="RLN_TRAN_CURR_CODE"></Money>
        <ItemIn quantity="RLN_QUANTITY">
                    <Money currency="RLN_TRAN_CURR_CODE"></Money>