Define mappings in the Lawson table(s)

  1. Access the RQC Configuration Maintenance (RQ95.1).
  2. Select Add to import the configurations from the configuration file to Lawson table.
  3. Click Inquire to display all records in the Lawson table.
  4. Select Punchout.
  5. In the Vendor Name field, select the vendor that is provided some mappings.
  6. Click Inquire.
  7. Select Mapping Fields.
  8. Specify A – Add in the FC field.
  9. Specify this information:
    From Fields

    Specify the XML attribute which qualifies the data of interest.

    If the element has no attribute, put the "*" (Asterisk) character to match "Any or no attribute value" at runtime.

    To Fields

    Name of requisition field to hold the data of interest.

    For more information on acceptable 'toField' values, see LineDataBean_fields.txt.

    Mapping Source

    Select the name of XML element containing data of interest. The Classification and Extrinsic elements are the most frequently used elements to convey information related to an item.

  10. Select the Change form action to update the mapping.